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Hire Terms

The hire agreement is a legally binding document between Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire and you the customer. You must adhere to the hire charges stated in the Hire contract. These charges will refer to the dates shown.

A £50 card payment will be required to secure your booking. The card details used to pay the deposit will be securely filed until the end of the Hire agreement. The Hirers card details will be destroyed on the day that the hot tub is returned in the same condition. The £50.00 deposit will be taken off your final payment. The remaining payment for your hire will be required 7 days before your hot tub hire period.

If the spa has incurred any damage during the hire period or requires further cleaning beyond the normal operation of the spa, then a charge not exceeding £250.00 will be charged on the account holders card. You will be notified of this by the staff at Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire.

Hire period

The full Hire period is for the dates shown on your Hire contract. At the end of the full hire period, goods not made available for collection will be placed back on hire for a further hire period and at the same hire charge. You must pay us the extra charges when we ask for them to include any additional costs incurred. The contract comes into effect when you have signed and agreed to keep to these conditions of the contract and we have accepted your order.

Your responsibility when hiring goods

You must assist us in the delivery and collection at your location, we require one adult over the age of 18 to help site the hire spa. You must give us clear instructions, and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our staff. We accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused. You will need to make sure there is sufficient access to roll the spa into position. If any doors need to be removed or fence posts taken down, you must do this before the spa is delivered. Our drivers will under no circumstances carry out alterations to your property in any way.

Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire will supply a PAT tested appliance which adheres to the safety regulations outlined in the safety booklet. You must however make sure you have access to a standard 13-amp 3 pin socket and you must have a sufficient electricity supply which must be within 10 metres from the edge of the spa. Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire will also have an available hose pipe which meets all safety requirements if the hirer requires this, however the hirer must ensure that they have access to water and an outside tap which will fit a hose pipe fitting.

We require a flat level base to sit the hot tub on; this can be slabbed, concrete, blocks, decking or any firm hard standing. Although our hire tubs are a maximum of 2 metres diameter they require a minimum space of 3 metres diameter for safe operation. You must ensure that there is sufficient access to get the spa into your chosen space, if access is not possible there will, under no circumstances be any refunds.

The hirer will inspect the equipment with Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire and note and sign for any damage of the equipment. You become responsible for the goods when you receive the hired equipment. Please take extra care to stop sharp objects from being around or in the hot tub and glass is strictly prohibited within the hot tub. You should also prevent people from jumping in or around the hot tub to reduce the likelihood of an accident. The hirer must also ensure that all pets are prohibited from entering the water.

The hirer will be supplied with ample chemicals for the duration of your hire period on the day of delivery and the Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire installers will demonstrate how to supply the spa with the correct amount of chemicals to ensure the water is hygienically safe. It is strictly forbidden to use or add any other chemicals to the water other than the chemicals supplied by Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire. Do not add foam bath or washing up liquid of any description. Failing to comply with these instructions may cause serious damage to the hot tub or any persons using the spa. The Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire installers will ensure that you have been informed and understand the risks involved in not maintaining the water as per Loughborough and Charnwood.

Lost, stolen, damaged or unclean hired goods

You are responsible for looking after the goods and returning them to us in good working order as they were received in. You must not sell or in any way give up control of the goods.

You must pay to us the cost of replacing any goods, which are lost or stolen or damaged beyond economic repair. You should insure the goods for the replacement cost. If you receive any money as settlement of any claim relating to the damage or loss or theft of the goods, you must hold that money separately in trust for us and pay it to us when we ask you to. You must not negotiate any claim without our permission.

Our rights of access

We may enter any land or premises where we reasonably believe the goods are. We may do this at reasonable times and after giving reasonable notice. We can only have access if we need to inspect, test, repair, service, replace or repossess the goods.

Instructions for use

For domestic use, we advise no more than 10 people use the spa throughout the hire period, ensuring water is drained and fresh water is put in should it become cloudy. We also advise showers are taken by anyone intending to use the spa before and after using the spa. It is the responsibility of the person hiring the spa to maintain the chemical levels and keep the water safe and clean for use as per the user instructions, it is not the responsibility of Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire.

You should not allow anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs to use the equipment. You will not attempt to move the equipment from the location that Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire has placed it. The hirer will not tamper or adjust any aspect of the equipment mechanics or electrics.

You will be responsible for any death, injury, loss or damage caused by the goods being misused while they are hired to you. You must tell us immediately if the goods are involved in any accident resulting in damage to the goods or to other property, or injury to any person.

If the appliance breaks down or is not working properly you must report this to us immediately. You must not use the goods or repair them unless we have agreed otherwise. If any term in this contract cannot be enforced or agreed, then the hire from Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire will not be supplied.

Any variation of the above terms is by written agreement between Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire and the hirer and this must be signed by both parties.

All equipment remains at all times the property of Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire.

Upon paying your deposit you are bound by the terms set out in this agreement.

The hirer must ensure access for the spa and that it is clear of any obstructions and that is sufficient for the selected hot tub to fit through. If the spa cannot fit through the access route laid out by yourself, we will remove the tub from your property and you will lose your deposit. Any extra time taken to find an alternative route or excessive amount of time used to get the spa into place due to the hirer needing to clear the access route or otherwise, will incur a fee for the extra time spent on site by the staff of Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire.


Should you need to cancel your hire spa for any reason you are required to do this within 48 hours of booking. The £50 deposit will not be refunded if a cancellation is made after 48 hours of the initial booking. You can change the location of the hot tub as long as the hirer informs Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire at the earliest possible date and at least 48 hours before the day of delivery. The Location must however still meet the situational requirements and be agreed with the staff at Loughborough And Charnwood Hot Tub Hire.

Safety instructions when hiring goods

You must make sure that everyone who uses the goods is properly instructed on how to use them safely and correctly, and that they have all the instructions we have supplied. You must make sure the goods are not misused.

You must ensure everyone using the goods is in a sound, healthy and fit state or have the permission of their doctor where appropriate. The hot tub is not suitable for use by pregnant women. Users must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times (Please refer to our Health and Safety leaflet for more details).

Limits of our liability

All the times and dates we quote for delivering or collecting the goods are approximate. We will not be liable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

If the goods breakdown or stop working, we will determine the problem as soon as possible, after you have reported it to us, and then try to replace them or repair the fault as soon as reasonably possible.

We will not be liable for any injury or damage caused to your property.

If you hire the goods for use in a business, we will not be liable for any indirect loss or any loss of business or profits, savings you expect to make, wages, fees or expenses caused by the goods or any part of them breaking down or stopping working properly.

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